• Australian based Company and local knowledge
  • Innovative systems with low lifetime costs
  • Extremely effective recovery systems with quick response
  • World class Oil Spill Deployment and Recovery Systems
  • Training and Servicing Australia wide
  • Automatic and single point inflation
  • Full backup inflation system
  • Minimum of operating personnel (one person)
  • Deckspace limited to winders footprint
  • High degree of captured oil in rough seas
  • Tested, optimised and operated for over 20 years
  • Operational wave height up to 6 meters

AMSNOR is a synergistic joint venture partnership between AMS (Australian Marine Services) established in Dampier in 1988 as a trusted provider to the oil and gas industry; and NOR (NorLense International) worlds leading manufacturer of oil booms and protection equipment. Utilising the successful Norwegian model adapted for Australian conditions and operations, AMSNOR provide the full package for Environmental Protection, Oil Spill Preparedness, Quick Response and Recovery.

The single point inflated oil boom with automatic inflation is deployed directly from the winder by one person, ensuring maximum safety for the operating personnel. Automatic inflation and self filling gives you maximum speed during deployment. 300 meters will be deployed in 5 minutes. This makes the boom suitable for all installations where rapid deployment is essential, e.g. tank terminals, oil rigs, refineries, ships and harbours.

Direct deployment from the winder with no need for deck space allows a wide range of vessels to deploy this type of installation. It can even be deployed directly from the truck parked on shore or driven straight onto the ship.

All our boom systems are designed to have extreme wave following characteristics with no stiff longitudinal elements ensures that the boom don’t lose draft in choppy waves. An innerscaly made of extremely durable high pressure hoses, ensures full lengthwise flexibility. Clean up is as quick and effective as the deployment.

With various clean up systems available and total management packages in preparedness for emergency, AMSNOR is your one stop solution for oil spill preparedness and response.

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